Romance Defects

Diplomacy's a wash. Give the Gideon a giddyup. Switch plates. Switch teams. Replenish cavities with Morse Code. Tremble near me. I am glistening. Speak truth. Report the cortex jimmied as a lock.

One temple or two, one template or too much grasp. I told you I would love you without words. I gave my word, and that was Thames speed toward the muck left holding truck tires. Lemme see, I think we once we twinned tucks lemon lines away from sweet. You took my face into your sense of hearing plot go dark. Sparse winter formed a glaze across the upstart blazes.

Now I lay me dormant as a spot. The clock taps shoulder length and hairlines fracture plot. I think the story was a maze, and you, my inkblot, told the tale of me toute seule where I would whisper your soft name, the frame of it, the hemline brushing tile.

Remember who my heart has been named after, and allow me place cards to remove the absence. Should be is a form of petrified endorsement. Flame on framework, overtime to rights. I take my game plan home with me at night.

You have disturbed what you disrobed by heart. I limit glad. You mood me. You awaken practice like a music stand. I hear the metronome of you come hither and the wash of seas. I want to arms control your depth. You wheel the ferris into scrap. You capstone my amenities. You wrap your heart around my hope. I leap apart from years.

And years go by. They write their tickets hiero-fare. They boast. We're toast. We know more than we scope out of the weeds these rumored flowers feased and creased. The moment I adopt your sight, I am in line. The moment I apres-midi your victuals, we can safety priest our home. It is a combed unlikely sourdough. It is a roast. I want your down low to be host.