Permission to Relax

Personality outlasts summer. Do I have to be an age, she asks? Strapped in the yard of confluence, the players all wore pinstripe. Did you ever think you'd be the one accused? Trap door, listless in the wind, conforms to brave new moray skin. Play me a nocturne. Cry the night young. You, a funster, work your way down seasonal array. Per usual, you are now free to move about the treasure trove of keepsakes. In  perpetuity, declares the oligarch. Go shop. Full stop.

The perfidy of the select few de-perfumes our midst. Just when we thought safety, sacrilege, prevails, the statement, "As you were" had legs. Now integers grow solid as surround-toned weeds. Places to ride and features to brim over western skies.

Wherefore art thou, balderdash, unappetizing rinse? The scullery maid readied definite articles for in-definition. All the views unfit to sprint. Begone, Senator. Earned miles trapeze your learning curve. Too steep for kismet. Parlaying can begin.

Sandy head meets burly rose. Stippled shape of surface as the high road turns to low. I think you may recuse yourself until high priests give way to stickball. If and only if our servitude arrives, Rambo sans Rimbaud, all across the glimmer of a strum.

Permission to relax, Your Eminence? I see thinly through the slats across our windows and their undertones. Pertaining to the maximum security we hasten to protect. Why fear setting the table? Per omnia saecula saeculorum.

Dramatis personae come to grips with error-free entonces. It's raining flower-free immersion. And the litmus test imagined has reshaped the town.